“Surround yourself with people

who talk about visions and new ideas”

Inspirators Factory

Creating insightful, impactful and inspirational events. IF is an independent event agency where, with our creations, we aim to take events to the next level. We want and dare to make a difference. We do not only strive for our own success, but we want others to be successful as well. IF has a clear vision of how the future should be. It is all about imagination. The power of imagination gives clear directions for events. It requires intelligence and analytical skill to understand and answer the question behind the question of the client. Our clients are active in:


■ Finance
■ Automotive
■ Information Technology
■ Pharmaceutical


The IF team responds to the need for creativity by organizing dream concepts in the following areas :


  1. Leadership
  2. Talent Development
  3. Innovation
  4. Vitality
  5. Connecting
  6. Circular


Why work with IF?


  • We are bringing fun and joy back into the workplace
  • We are based in Amsterdam business district Zuidas. Where we work with  a network of suppliers. We have a broad portfolio of inspirators, corporate experts and famous people.
  • We do the negotiation and send you a list of options and prices for you to review
  • We can help your budget go further trough our strong partnerships
  • IF is a proven concept and already worked for the biggest banks, ministries and innovative companies in The Netherlands.
  • We are confident that the relationship with our clients is number 1


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