New Doors

Amsterdam,  1 juli 2018

We are excited to announce that our office has moved to a new location Zuidas Amsterdam. Zuidas brings the world together. Zuidas is the international urban knowledge and business centre of  Amsterdam. We spent the previous three years in a office in Abcoude near Amsterdam where we made great memories but we couldn’t be more excited about our new space.

The new office is actually a in front of the Amsterdamse Bos and the Zuidas. The picture above that shows the new office and our ambition 🙂 We’re excited about the hustle and bustle happening outside our windows and all of the great restaurants within an easy walking distance of the new location.
While we were happy with our space, there were several motivating factors to make a move: Space, Visibility, Location and we love to stay located near our clients. We’ll be hosting a IF event soon for our clients, and if you’re in the area, feel free to stop in and say hi!

IF new doors opens new possibilities.